Challenging Heights: Captain Courteney Landis keeps fighting

Overcoming adversity is often easier said than done. In a sport that often requires being tall, freshman Courteney Landis is typically the shortest player on the court, standing at 5’3.  

Landis is the starting point guard, and is the team captain on Linn-Benton’s women’s basketball team. Landis played hoops throughout her years at West Linn, and is a long-time athlete, beginning  sports when she was four-years-old. She is a tri-sport athlete which includes basketball, gymnastics, and soccer.

In her sports career, Landis believes her biggest accomplishment is making it to the college level here at LBCC, because when she was in high school she went through a lot of injuries.  Her role on the team isn’t just the point guard or captain, but she is always there for everyone.

“I am always giving 110 percent on the court,” said Landis.

Hannah Creswick, a sophomore and a member of the team, describes Landis as the team’s motivator.

“She is the glue of our team,” said Creswick.

A skilled player, Landis doesn’t face a lot of challenges, but she has one in particular:

“I am too much of a perfectionist, doing too many jobs and not minimizing it down to what I need to do,” said Landis.

Her ultimate goal, she says, is for the team to eventually make it to the championship game of the Northwest Athletic Conference Playoffs.

“You are your only limit,” said Landis. Through all the adversity of her previous injuries, family has taught her that her mind can always overcome whatever anyone states about her.  

“Everyday I want to get better and exceed what my purpose is,” said Landis.

Landis takes inspiration from her father T.J, mother Jill, and Uncle Mike who have been supporting her throughout her life. She also takes inspiration from people saying she can’t when she wants to prove that she can.

“Effort is everything,” said Landis.

Story by Joshua Knight

Photo by Elliot Pond