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Next Level: Five things you can do to smooth your transfer

Joel Newbury, Nikki Peeler, Marisa Bovio from Grand Canyon University

Brian Stanley awaits eager students.

On January 19th the Commons Cafeteria held the Oregon Transfer Day from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. I talked to each college which varied from OSU to George Fox University. Each college had advice and tips for students looking to make a transfer. These were the top five tips I learned.  

  1. Talk to your Advisor here at Linn-Benton. Brian Stanley (picture) from University of Oregon said, “Talk to you advisor and set up solid classes and your transfer will be much smoother.” This also saves time considering you might accidently take classes that won’t transfer or classes that you do not need.
  2. Know what degree you are going for. That way you can ask questions and your advisor can give you more in depth advice.
  3. Have your transcripts ready. The advisors at Southern University stressed having your official transcripts ready and an associate’s degree.
  4. Talk to admissions at the school you wish to transfer to. The spokespeople for the College of Idaho want you to not only talk to your advisor but the admissions staff. They can help you find the right degree for you if you have not decided yet and they will help smooth out the transition.
  5. Ask lots of questions. George Fox University encourages you to ask plenty of questions. Make a list of questions before meeting with an advisor.

Story and Photos by Kendall La Vaque

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