Meet the Mural Player: Kyia Duvall, LBCC women’s basketball sophomore point guard

Kyia Duvall is a sophomore point guard and leader on Linn-Benton’s women’s basketball team. Aside from being on the court, she can also be seen depicted in the sports mural on the side of the Activity Center on campus. Duvall played hoops throughout her years at West Albany High School. A long-time athlete, she started playing sports in the fourth grade, including basketball and soccer.

In her basketball career, Duvall holds the most three pointers ever made in 5A division, with seven in a single game. Duvall guards the best player on the opposing team,which is a tricky position, and a difficult one. Duvall says her goal for each game is to get 4 steals and 8 rebounds, but due to her short stature, she tells herself she is unlikely to get those rebounds.

A skilled player, Duvall doesn’t face a lot of challenges, but she has one in particular:

“I am challenged through my confidence and getting up any shots during the games,” says Duvall.

For her and the team their goal is to be in the top of the Conference.

As for her ultimate achievement, she says, “ If I get better, I can help the team get better.”

Duvall lives her life by the motto, “You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take.”  

Duvall takes inspiration from her father, who has coached her most of her life. Duvall’s advice to the freshman includes, “Always keep your heads up and keep working hard everyday, even when you are not getting time on the court.”

In addition to mentioning time on the court, she says, “ Don’t rest your head on that, everyone has been there.”

The team is currently playing very well. They’re sitting at third place in the southern region of the Northwest Athletic Conference (NWAC) going into the Jan. 25 home game against Lane Community College.

Even though Duvall is the shortest player on the team. She knows from her motto, and her inspiration that if she works her hardest on the court. Eventually she will help lead the team to the top of the conference and maybe even a championship.

Story by Josh Knight

Photo by Elliot Pond