Game Review: Battlefield I

Developer: EA DICE

Publisher: Electronic Arts

Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

Ever wanted to experience the tense, gritty fighting of the first World War, but don’t have easy access to a time machine? Lucky for you, “Battlefield I” is the next best thing! The campaign serves as a nice introduction to the mechanics of the game itself, not to mention a way to show off the stunning visuals, but multiplayer is where “Battlefield” shines brightest.

The game uses the campaign, comprised of six little vignettes telling the stories of soldiers on different fronts, to introduce the player to mechanics unique to “Battlefield I,” such as vehicle controls and combat, as well as special classes and weapons. The campaign also shows off the varied environments players can expect in multiplayer, from the rain-drenched, mud-caked trenches of France, to the sandy dunes and blistering sun of Arabia.

Speaking of visuals, “Battlefield” is not something to be scoffed at. The graphics are arguably at their best, and “Battlefield” throws you into the fury of combat unlike any of its predecessors.

Though the campaign is a nice time killer that serves a great introduction, multiplayer is where you will spend hours of your time working with your teammates and fighting to the bitter end. “Battlefield” has revamped their class system, with four regular classes the player can choose upon entering a game, and four special classes that the player must earn or pick up in the middle of a game. Weapons and items are varied and easy to use, and vehicles are easy to maneuver and a blast to play with. Alongside familiar game modes like “Team Deathmatch,” “Conquest,” and “Domination,” “Battlefield” has added a new “Operations” mode, in which players must conquer vast swaths of territory with limited numbers, often spanning multiple maps and taking over an hour, with one team attacking and the other defending.

“Battlefield I” offers a fresh experience by exploring a time period not tackled often in gaming, and not only manages to make it fun and worthwhile, but thrives in this endeavor. With extra maps and weapons promised in the future, there’s plenty of reasons to keep playing and stick around for what’s in store. If you have the means, pick up a copy and throw yourself into the fray.

Review by Truman Templeton

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