Who Are You Voting For?

Researching candidates is hard, reading this article is slightly less hard.

Having trouble filling your bubbles? Don’t worry, The Commuter’s got you covered. Below are quick overviews of who’s running for governor, secretary of state, state treasurer, and attorney general.

Oregon Governor:

Kate Brown: Brown currently holds the office, and is a Democrat. On her website she’s displayed her proudest achievements, which include: passing a minimum wage increase, passing eco-friendly bills like the coal-to-clean bill, and her focus on increasing the graduation rate.

Bud Pierce: Pierce is the Republican candidate. According to his website, he’d like to control the state’s spending, fix the ever present gridlock in Oregon’s major cities, and get rid of administrative bloat in the healthcare insurance system.

Cliff Thomason: Thomason is an Independent candidate who, according to his website, dislikes Brown’s law regarding paid sick leave for all workers because it didn’t have funding behind it to pay for itself. He also disagrees with the geography-based system of the minimum wage law, and wants to create an even minimum wage across the state.

Aaron Auer: Auer is a Constitution party candidate. On his website he expresses that he’d like Oregon to be once again run by a “Preaching Statesman” and base his actions as Governor on the Bible and Constitution.  

James Foster: Foster is a Libertarian who wants to uphold Libertarian party values and base his actions on the Cato Handbook for Policymakers.

Secretary of State:

Brad Avakian: Avakian is the Democratic candidate. He is devoted to returning shop classes to schools and as labor commissioner, he has worked towards “equal pay for equal work,” according to his website. He also is very passionate about women’s rights.

Dennis Richardson: Richardson is the Republican candidate. He aims to restore accountability, transparency, and integrity to the office, according to his website. He wants to use his actions as secretary in a non-partisan manner, and instead work in a people-focused manner.

Paul Wells: Wells is the Independent candidate. Wells hails from Corvallis, Ore., and is focused on breaking the two party system as well as focusing on creating jobs by decreasing Labor Unions.

Alan Zundel: Zundel represents the Green Party, his aim is to create changes that will change how voting works in Oregon, making it easier for third party candidates to make it through.

State Treasurer:

Tobias Read: Read is the Democratic candidate. He aims to increase transparency, help Oregonians save for college and retirement, as well as reducing inefficiency and waste.

Jeff Gudman: Gudman is the Republican candidate. He wants to spend within our means so as to reduce taxation and be open to new ideas.

Chris Telfer: Telfer is the Independent candidate. She is an ex-state senator, and lottery commissioner, and runs a business doing taxes.

Chris Henry: Chris Henry is the Progressive candidate, he aims to cut out investment funds through the federal government, and use this cash on the state of Oregon.

Oregon Attorney General:

Ellen Rosenblum: Rosenblum is our current attorney general. She is the Democratic candidate and wants to continue making sure that all nine divisions of the Department of Justice act with integrity.

Daniel Zene Crowe: Crowe represents the Republicans. He wants to focus on wiping out human trafficking in Oregon.

Lars Hedbor: Hedbor is the Libertarian candidate. He is a chair at the Libertarian Party of Oregon, and is the owner of My Web-My Way.

Story by Moriah Hoskins

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