Let’s Play Dress Up! LBCC Halloween costume and decoration contest

From left to right: Lynne Cox and Vickie Keith. Photo by Elliot Pond

Each year on Halloween, administrative and staff offices on the Albany campus bedeck themselves in themed costumes and decorations to compete for a grand prize: To be the judges of the next year’s contest.

This year, the staff of the Human Resources Office declared the Admissions and Registration offices the winners of the 2016 contest out of a total of 12 contesting offices.

“They had so many characters, the office was decked out; it was pretty incredible,” said Diana Ward, human resources specialist.

The office chose a theme of “Alice in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass.” A sign at the office entrance reading “We’re all mad here,” hung crooked at the gate of the dark and draped “rabbit hole.” Beyond the rabbit hole, Vickie Keith, administrative assistant to student affairs could be seen sitting behind her desk, a striking and fully-costumed Queen of Hearts.

From left to right: Lynne Cox and

From left to right: Lynne Cox and Vickie Keith. Photo by Elliot Pond

The previous year Keith decorated her desk to look like a pirate ship, but the office received only an honorable mention.

“We were totally robbed,” said Keith.

This year the Alice-In-Wonderland-themed office found their “vindication.” They will be the judges for next year’s contest.

The contest’s honorable mentions include the Cooperative Work Experience Office and Information Services.

“Halloween is a big thing around here,” said Ward.

The decoration and costume contest has been running since 2005, but the staff’s affection for and celebration of Halloween has continued for much longer than the past decade.

The President’s Offices tried the “National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation” theme on for size, but the joke fell a little flat.

“We were surprised how many people haven’t seen the movie and so didn’t get it,” said Amanda Kliever, executive assistant to the president.

Their decorations included the electrocuted cat on the floor and a squirrel in their Christmas tree.

This friendly, festive competition gives staff a way to unwind and get a little creative and silly during the Halloween season.

Story by Emily Goodykoontz