A Season of Horror: Five movie recommendations from The Commuter

We picked a few of best horror films for you to watch this Halloween season! So go ahead and build yourself a blanket fort, turn off the lights, break out the candles and cozy up with a pile of face-rotting candy for a night of scares, screams and Halloween dreams.

Indulgehmm-suspiria yourself in a dreamlike, nightmarish classic and snuggle up to “Suspiria,” the 1977 Italian horror film by Dario Argento. This acclaimed movie stands out like a bloody thumb in the horror film genre. It’s suspenseful and murderous plotline is paired with expertly creepy cinematography; it’s a puzzling and supernatural affair set in the ominous Tanz Dance Academy in Freeburg, Germany. Watch it; it gets weird.


“Let let-the-right-one-inThe Right One In” is an unusual tale of a childlike vampire from Swedish film director Tomas Alfredson. A far cry from the usual vampire tropes, the film pairs poverty, coming of age angst, and young love with the bloodlust of a hauntingly beautiful little girl. This one is worth squinting at the subtitles; it manages to be beautiful, heartbreaking and horrifying all in one fell swoop.


halloween-1978-poster-v3-by-beyond-horror-designAs a kid, honestly who wasn’t afraid of Michael Myers? John Carpenter’s slasher/thriller classic “Halloween” is definitely one of my go to films around this time of the year. Not only does it bring up those childhood memories of just being terrified, but I love looking at the difference in the special effects between older and modern day scary films.



kill-listDo you like mind-bending psychological thrills that will leave you mouth agape? Check out Ben Wheatley’s “Kill List.” This 2011 supernatural crime thriller is one that’s not afraid to take you on a rollercoaster ride you won’t soon forget, even when you’re begging for it to slow down. When two English hitmen, desperate for cash after a botched job in Kiev, are contacted by a mysterious but wealthy client about three simple targets, things finally seem to be on the up and up, but the rabbit hole goes deeper than they could ever have imagined.


stephen-king-it-pennywiseIn light of the recent “clowndemic,” sweeping our nation try out Stephen King’s classic story “It” in its cinematic form for some real scares. This story is available in the 1990 two-part miniseries by directed by Tommy Lee Wallace and will soon be reincarnated as a feature film set to come out in November 2017. We suggest you get ahead of the curve and watch the terrifying tale in its classic form.


zombi_2_zombieWhat’s Halloween without watching zombies chowing on brains? Of all the fantastic zombie movies out there, here’s one you probably haven’t seen: “Zombi 2,” another Italian film, from 1979, this time by Lucio Fulci. Meant to serve as a sequel to the Italian release of George A. Romero’s “Dawn of the Dead,” “Zombi 2” is the story of a Caribbean island with a voodoo curse, and comes complete with a zombie vs. shark scene. Yes, that’s right, ZOMBIE VS. SHARK. This film is a splatter/gore classic; yes it’s a little slow as films of that era can be, but settle in with some popcorn and watch it anyways.