What Are You Voting For?

Seven measures are going up to bat on November 8th.

Measure 94 would get rid of the mandatory judicial retirement age, which is 75 years old. A vote ‘yes’ would support older judges remaining in office, while a ‘no’ would out a vote towards keeping judges only under the age of 75.

Measure 95 would allow public state universities to invest in equities. Currently the state cannot invest in stock, but this measure going through would make an exception for universities in Oregon. The public would not be able to see what exactly universities invest in if the universities are able to hire on a private entity to manage the investments. This development does add to the controversy surrounding this measure.

Measure 96 would give 1.5 percent of state lottery net proceeds toward veterans’ services. This 1.5 percent would come from the undedicated pool, which is typically used for economic development. The undedicated pool is nearly 70 percent of funds, so 1.5 isn’t too much skin off its nose.

Measure 97 would raise corporate taxes on businesses with annual sales that exceed $25 million. If instated, after the first six months, this measure would earn the state an extra $3 billion per year. This means budget cuts causing large tuition spikes in state-funded colleges could be easier to fight in the future, but businesses on the edge of that $25 million line fear staying above water.

Measure 98 would use state funding for dropout prevention and college readiness programs in Oregon schools. The average U.S. state spent over one thousand dollars more per student than Oregon in 2012 and 2013. Oregon’s graduation rate is the third lowest in the country, so this is definitely an issue. This bill aims to change that using state funds.

Measure 99 would direct 4 percent of state lottery funds to support and create outdoor school programs. Outdoor School has largely been shortened or eliminated throughout the state due to budget concerns. Originally, it was about a week of learning about nature for public school students.

Measure 100 would prohibit the sale of parts and products made from 12 species of endangered animals. Everything from rhinos to leopards is covered in the measure, and the intent behind it is protecting vulnerable animals.


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Story by Moriah Hoskins