Preseason Perfection: Roadrunners Look Towards A Strong Season

As the regular season approaches, LBCC’s volleyball team has proven to be ready for the season.

With all but three matches on the road, the women of LBCC are currently 13-0; they have been dominating their opponents.

After several bonding trips and following the grueling results of daily doubles, the team has used this summer to build unity.

Yes, Their skills are on target, but the fun they seem to be having is contagious, and women’s Head Coach Jayme Frazier is optimistic about the season to come.

“This team has fun together and they have worked hard for one another in this early season,” said Frazier. “That is so important at this two-year level.”

The players and coaches are seeing a heightened communication and comfort in each other that usually doesn’t occur until later in the season.

“We as a coaching staff tend to speak in terms of success and what it takes to not only continue the tradition of winning that was earned by previous teams, but what it takes to continue and add to that success,” said Frazier.

Practicing twice a day with skills training and overall endurance training, the team has definitely been putting in a lot of hard work over the summer

“We have been focusing on minimizing unforced errors, speeding up our attack, and increasing ball control,” said Frazier. “We are increasing our aggressiveness, and of course continuing to work on our cardio, endurance, power and agility.”

The perfect preseason has brought some confidence, but there is still work to be done.

“I like to not focus on the win,” said Frazier. “Rather, what are the things that my team can actually control — things like effort, attitude, and teamwork.”

League play begins Sept. 23 at 6:30 p.m. here at LBCC against Chemeketa.

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Story and photo by Brian Hausotter