Life Hacks: Sunburn

Life Hacks: Sunburn
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1. Prevention
Always remember your sunscreen and to reapply often. It also helps to wear wide brimmed hats and clothes that are loose and cool, yet still cover your skin. For swimming, there’s shirts and bottoms with sun-fighting properties woven into the fabric to keep you safe.

2. Aloe Vera
One must be picky with their aloe products. Aloe gels often contain fragrance and coloring which can be extremely irritating to skin, especially sunburned skin. When choosing your aloe gel, pick one that is 100% aloe, or even just buy a plant. When using a plant, simply cut off a leaf and cut it in half and squeeze out the juice. If you buy a bottle of aloe gel, you can pop it in the fridge to make it extra cool and soothing.

3. Vinegar
Did you disregard Step 1? That’s okay. Right after you get inside take a cotton pad and pour some diluted apple cider vinegar onto it. Rub it onto your skin, and rinse off the vinegar soon after to prevent further burning.

4. Tea
Black tea is also known to help with a sunburn. Tying a couple bags to the faucet as you run a bath, or just dumping a mug in is known to help calm your skin woes.

5. Avoid soap and perfume
The alcohol, fragrance, and oil stripping properties of perfume and soap will make it even harder for your skin to heal. Avoid soap for a day or two after your burn to give your skin a chance to heal up.

6. Take a Cool Bath Before Bed
Sleeping with a sunburn is a miserable experience, and cooling off before bed can help calm your inflamed blood vessels.

Column by Moriah Hoskins.

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