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Become a Cosmic Tripster with McMenamins Passport

A year ago McMenamins created their own passport, the McMenamins Passport, for customers to win prizes while enjoying the brewpub journey along the way. Mcmenamins is a brewery chain that owns 53 properties across Washington and western Oregon, including two local properties in Corvallis. The various properties include brewpubs, pubs with their own home-brew, hotels, […]


Fall Concert to Help A Cappella Groups Prepare For Competition

The LBCC Fall Concert takes place this Thursday November 29, at the Russell Tripp Performance Center and will feature our two A Cappella groups. Both “The Sirens” and “Blue Light Special” will perform at the Thursday Night event before they prepare for a January date for the opening round of the International Championships of Collegiate A Cappella.

office hours

Office Hours: Victoria Fridley

Michaela Wasson, Contributing Writer

Victoria Fridley, Writing Center director, is an amazing artist. For the last three and a half years, she has been striving to find out what students need for writing success and making that available to them as soon as possible.