Sexual Assaults Near OSU Campus: Multiple sexual assaults reported in Corvallis over the last two weeks

One in four women experience sexual assault by the time they reach their college graduation. According to the Bureau of Justice’s recent Campus Climate Survey Validation Study, the highest percentage of sexual assaults occur during […]


We Should All Stand With Standing Rock: Excessive force by police leads to U.N. human rights investigation in North Dakota

“The Indians must conform to ‘the white man’s ways,’ peaceably if they will, forcibly if they must,” said Bureau of Indian Affairs Commissioner Thomas Morgan in 1889. This insidious belief sent destructive ripples churning throughout […]


Who Are You Voting For?

Researching candidates is hard, reading this article is slightly less hard. Having trouble filling your bubbles? Don’t worry, The Commuter’s got you covered. Below are quick overviews of who’s running for governor, secretary of state, […]