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Enjoy the work of our regular cartoonists, Mason Britton, Ben Carson, and Maggie O’Reilly.

This comic was created by Kaity Fitzgerald using pencil, sharpies, and crayons. Her inspiration was her love for “Harry Potter” and her fear of spiders. She connected her fear of spiders and the fact that Ron Weasley from “Harry Potter” also has a fear of spiders, and ran with that idea. The minions were the easiest to draw with emotion. “I thought that this was one of the easier assignments for my class,” said Fitzgerald, “I thoroughly enjoyed it and I found that it brought out my style in the art work.” 0

Student Comics from Analee Fuentes’ Drawing 131 class

In Analee Fuentes’ Drawing 131 class last fall students were asked to create a comic strip with inspiration from real life. This assignment was confined to one page and thus students had to be able to tell a story within that restriction. These are some of their creations.