Sex and the Campus: Party Time

So it’s Friday night and you’ve been invited to a (potentially) rocking party by some of your friends. Even better though, is the fact that at this party the girl that you’ve been hitting it off with will be there. The question then enters your mind, “What am I going to do? She’s going to be there with her friends as well as a bunch of other people!”

Sex & the Campus

Sex and The Campus: Flirting

Flirting. So much emphasis is (rightly so) put on the power and the importance of flirting. This might seem rather daunting for someone who’s still getting the hang of this whole dating thing, but it’s really not. In fact there’s really nothing to worry about. Flirting isn’t particularly complicated or something that’s supposed to be intimidating. In fact, it’s really simple when you boil it down.

Sex & the Campus

Sex and the Campus – The Friend Zone

That dreaded moment when you’ve finally built up the courage to ask out that girl who you’ve had feelings for. You finally lay it all out on the table only for her to give you the line “I think we should just stay friends.” The conversation/future encounters with this girl tend to get a little awkward afterwards.