A Series of Tubes: Your Guide to the Interwebs

A Series of Tubes: Government Shutdown Edition

To absolutely no one’s surprise, Congress has failed to reach a consensus on the budget, resulting in the first government shutdown in almost twenty years. Twitter was still able to entertain itself with this legislative kerfluffle, though. Shortly after the news of the shutdown broke, the hashtag #SoTheyCouldShutDownTheGovernmentBut started trending. That one lasted a little […]

Series Of Tubes Doonesbury FI

[Series of Tubes] Doonesbury: What happens to comics if newspapers go away?

On February 2nd, one of my favorite old school comics, Doonesbury, asked, “What happens to comics if newspapers go away?” The answer kicked off a bit of controversy and several webcomics artists filled the blank spot with their own art in protest of the idea that without print newspapers, there would be no comics at […]


[Series of Tubes] Jonathan Coulton vs. Glee

On January 24th, popular Fox show Glee aired its eleventh episode of season four, called “Sadie Hawkins.” The episode contained a folksy cover of Sir Mix-A-Lot’s “Baby Got Back.” Even before the episode aired, the Internet was crying foul. Glee’s cover of “Baby Got Back” had been leaked, and bore a stunning resemblance to the version produced by Jonathan Coulton.

A Series of Tubes: Your Guide to the Interwebs

[Series of Tubes] 4 Ways to Deal with Facebook Overload

Just lately I’ve heard more than a few people talking about pruning their Facebook friends lists, being tired of Facebook, feeling overwhelmed by Facebook, or wanting to quit Facebook. When I ask why (usually on Facebook), I hear that there’s just too much drama, too much to keep up with, too many pages, too many updates, too much garbage… In short, there’s just too much Facebook.

A Series of Tubes: Your Guide to the Interwebs

Series of Tubes: Browser Extensions

Browser extensions are additional bits of code that you can add to your browser to make them do more and/or better things. They’re super-easy to install – generally it’s a one-click process. Depending on your browser or the extension you picked, you may have to close and reopen your browser, too. Something that simple can add a wealth of new features and solve a ton of Internet annoyances – for free!

A Series of Tubes: Your Guide to the Interwebs

Series of Tubes: Social Media Privacy

This past Friday (March 30), Cult of Mac writer John Brownlee published an article about a smartphone app called “Girls Around Me.” This article exploded in a privacy backlash before the weekend was over, resulting in one social media network pulling the app’s access to its data, a second investigating the app for a possible terms of use violation, and the makers of the app voluntarily pulling “Girls Around Me” from the iPhone market.