Commuter's Recommendations

Review: South Park Season 20

Almost twenty years have passed since “South Park” first began airing on Comedy Central. What began as a spin-off of Trey Parker and Matt Stone’s cut-out animated short, “The Spirit of Christmas,” has evolved into […]


Movie Review: Blair Witch

Have you ever seen 1999’s “ The Blair Witch Project?” Congratulations: you’ve already saved yourself ten dollars and 90 minutes. Adam Wingard’s “Blair Witch” is essentially the same film rehashed and resprayed with modern technology, […]


The Great Pumpkin Run

Adorned with costumes, tutus, and running shoes, runners of the 26th annual Great Pumpkin Run took off without a hitch. Individuals of all ages participated, even Tytus Jansen, an elementary schooler in Corvallis. “The race […]

Commuter's Recommendations

Review: Pokémon Go

After much time in development, the smartphone game “Pokémon Go” arrived to massive success. While not on the same order of magnitude as the main video games that influenced it, it has become another worthy […]