Editor's Picks

Recognizing Brilliance: First-year instructor and mentor Anne Magratten shows off her hard work and dedication to the arts

She speaks soft and delicate, but certain; to a crowded room of gallery-goers as she introduces the featured student artist at each LB art show. Anne Magratten, art teacher and mentor for the student gallery […]

Student Spotlight

Spring In China

Five LBCC students went to China to teach English, explore the country, and receive a full intercultural experience. Cynthia de la Torre shares her experience. How I became involved: Last summer a good friend of […]

Editor's Picks

Love Letter to LBCC: Graduating student and recent recipient of NASA internship Delphine Le Brun Colon expresses her gratitude to campus community

Although you look as cold as a prison, you are, to me, as comforting as a freshly baked brioche. Do you feel this? Not the walls around you, but this vibrant energy? This whirlwind of […]