Rob Lewis, LBCC Math Instructor

Rob Lewis, LBCC Math Instructor.  Photo via LBCC.

Rob Lewis, LBCC Math Instructor. Photo via LBCC. Click to enlarge.

In the front of the class stands a humble man. He wears a green, plaid, long-sleeved button-up with blue jeans and sneakers. With his wavy locks slicked back, he’s ready to teach. He asks, “Any questions?” Let’s give a warm round of applause for the professor from West Point, Virginia: Robert Lewis.

Lewis has a Masters in Math from Duke University, a Masters in Animal Science from Montana State University, and a Ph.D. in Animal Science from Oregon State University. He has won the Pastega Award for Teaching Excellence, and has been part of the Oregon Mathematical Association of two-year colleges.

Professor Rob Lewis has been a dedicated math instructor at Linn Benton Community College since 1992. Over the years he has taught several math courses, but really enjoys teaching Math 60, Introduction to Algebra.

“It is the fundamentals of Math 60 that I enjoy,” said Lewis.

Lewis makes math accessible and applies it to the real world. Describing flies on a ceiling, he tells a story about René Descartes and how the Cartesian System, the rectangular coordinate system we use today in math, was created. The story really brings math to life for the students who hear it.

“I wasn’t happy being a med student,” said Lewis, when asked why he became a math instructor. It was never his intention to become a math instructor, but after taking some time off school and realizing what truly made him happy, he took off and ran with it.

Currently Lewis is teaching Introduction to Algebra, College Algebra, and Calculus for Business Management. Spring Term he will teach College Algebra, Calculus for Business Management, and Introduction to Statistics.

Lewis is an instructor with a student’s best interest in mind.

“I would recommend that students take a class with Rob Lewis,” said Kassie Johnson, a former student of Lewis. “He helped me so much, and a lot of people I know in his class now say the same about Rob.”

“He’s a good teacher, always making jokes and always willing to help,” said Todd Votroubek, a current student.

Lewis has made an impact on both students and staff. “Rob is a cool dude and an awesome guy,” said fellow instructor Hollis Duncan.

Lewis is husband to Cathy Lewis and father to Jimmy Lewis. In his spare time, he enjoys training Border Collies to herd sheep and cattle, hiking, and playing ping-pong and tennis.

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