The Coffee Addicts Guide to Great Coffee

If you’re a coffee addict like myself, then you have your favorite place to go where the baristas know you and know exactly what you want. However, you’re always looking for new places to try. So I took the liberty of trying (almost) every coffee place in Albany and came up with a top five list.

Number five: Spirit Espresso. Spirit Espresso is on the corner of Geary and Queen street.  The barista who made my coffee was nice, she wasn’t as enthusiastic as the other baristas I encountered, but she was friendly enough. The problem with me, is that I love my coffee iced, but the coffee doesn’t always taste the best iced. This is one of those cases where my point is proven. I got an iced “chocolate overload” and I wasn’t impressed. The coffee flavor itself was good, but I don’t know why the word “overload” was in the title because I barely tasted any chocolate. However, it did come with a chocolate covered espresso bean, which was quite tasty!

Number four: The Human Bean—located on Hill street across from Papa Murphy’s. The baristas working here were really nice and friendly, which made my stressful morning a little sweeter. What I loved about their attitudes the most was that they were genuine, they weren’t the “I’m going to put on a fake smile and sweet attitude so that you give me a nice tip” type of attitude. However, I encountered the problem of the iced coffee. I got an iced peppermint mocha here, and yet again the coffee flavor was good, but it was almost…weak. I couldn’t really taste the peppermint. I’m not saying the coffee was bad, though. Actually it was good, just not iced.

Number three: Starbucks, but not just any Starbucks, the North Albany Starbucks. Originally when I started writing this I wanted to steer clear of Starbucks because it’s a large corporation, but I can’t ignore their delicious coffee. Why did I chose the North Albany Starbucks? Aren’t they all the same? No. Granted, any Starbucks you go to is going to be practically the same; keyword practically. I have my favorite from here: the toffee-nut-caramel frappuccino, and although it’s good at the other Starbucks’, the one in North Albany is just the best. Not to mention the baristas are always nice and friendly and are willing to experiment with whatever concoction I’ve decided to try. Oh, and I can’t forget to mention that they have a drive-thru for days I’m feeling extra lazy.

Number two: Dutch Bros. I chose Dutch Bros as number two for many reasons, but one big reason: the iced coffee. On my coffee adventure, I had lots of iced coffee, but no one does it like they do. The iced mochas have a texture to them, they’re not watery coffee. I also chose Dutch Bros for their party persona. Before I’ve had my morning coffee, I don’t want to deal with any overly-happy people, but you throw in some loud music and friendly faces and I can manage a happy attitude while they make my coffee.

My number one favorite pick is the Coffee Spot. I went a little out of bounds because technically this place is in Tangent, but it’s only a couple minutes away from the LB campus. Coffee Spot is a tiny little shop that’s along Highway 99. Not only are their drinks about 75 cents to a dollar cheaper than the other places, but the coffee is great! I stumbled upon this place while I was rushing out of town and decided to give it a try and I fell in love. The barista there was really sweet and even gave me an extra shot for free. Not only do they have the typical choices of coffee and smoothies and Italian sodas, they also have milkshakes and good-looking food. Not just your typical muffins or cookies, but warm cheesy bagels.

There you have it, my top five coffee places to go to in town. Go give them a try because you’re going to need it while you study for finals!

What do you think?