Flash Weeding on Campus

Alan Boone, contributing writer

Members of LB's Horticulture Club. by Alan Boone

The Horticulture club would like to invite you to come join them as they help maintain the organic garden here on campus. If you eat some the food prepared in the Café or the Common’s Cafeteria, the ingredients they use come from this garden! So why not help grow the food you eat?

Although that is the main goal, that isn’t limited to what the club does. They like to help keep the campus free of unwanted weeds with a project called “Flash Weeding.” Similar to a flash mob, the club goes out to find an area with an abundant amount of weeds and pluck them from the ground as fast as they can for about 15 minutes. It’s a great way to get out and enjoy the campus while helping keep LBCC neat and presentable.

The club President Liz Shinn and Vice President Joseph Schmidt are very friendly and would be happy to accommodate anyone into the club. They often look for opportunities in the area that would influence sustainability and help educate people on being a botanist. A great project they are starting is attracting more Mason bees to the area. Mason bees don’t produce honey like other bees do, but are great for pollenating nearby plants. How the club plans to do this is build wooden clusters with holes drilled in them so that the female can lay eggs in the holes. Wherever the females are, the males will follow.

Another great event that is coming up is “Community Action Day” held by the City of Albany. Help the city become more presentable by picking up litter and planting a variety flowers. This event will take place on May 19th, from 9:00am to Noon. Registration will be 8:30am. If you have more questions about this awesome event please contact Heather Slocum at (541)-791-0058 or email her at [email protected].

The Horticulture club always have something neat and interesting going on. The club is open to anyone so please stop by the greenhouse on campus during their weekly meetings, which are every Tuesday from noon until 1pm. Pizza provided!

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