Career Fair at LBCC

Dale Hummel | Contributing Writer

A moderately damp day could not keep people from the 34th Annual Career Fair at the actives center the campus of LBCC. The fair began went from 10 am to 2pm last Wednesday the 11th and was host to many business and services throughout the Mid-Willamette Valley.

Connie Garmin speaking with a representative from Mega-Tech of Oregon. by Dale Hummel

The fair was free and open to the public and had as many as 200 job seekers and approximately 55, business and company representatives there at one time promoting everything from Hi-tech companies to child care to law enforcement.

The fair also provided workshops in areas such as successful interviewing tips, apprenticeship training opportunities, creating targeted resumes and more.

Laura Vinson is a district manager Safeway and was very excited about coming back to the career fair and thoroughly enjoyed the activity and meeting new people. Laura was thrilled at the stack of resumes the she had received.

Because the fair took place during class time, many businesses noticed the lack of students in the activities center. It was estimated that non-students outnumbered students at the fair by as much as 4 to 1. But some students did squeeze the career fair in to their busy schedules. Katelyn is a student and was just looking for something for the summer. Rocky already has a job, but looking for something else to supplement his income.

Ray Kopczynski is with Worksource Oregon and was happy to give out tips on using the career fair as a tool to help finding a job. “This is an incredible way to get in to meet people in a company face to face”, Kopczynski claimed. “You can’t get this kind of contact opportunity in the real world”. He also pointed out if you want to make good use of the career fair you need to dress accordingly, bring a resume, and watch what you say. “The conversations your have with business people can either make you or break you. You have to watch what you say”. He went on to say that many people just come and look around but never get anything out of it but a bag of junk.

Many of the business were very excited about nearly running out of pamphlets, applications and other information. They seemed very optimistic about the supply of future employees.

With the job market of today, it is increasingly harder to find any kind of work let alone a career that you love. The Career Fair is an excellent opportunity for anyone to actually meet the business people in the area, make contacts, or maybe even find your dream job.

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