Dear Conscience: How do we sustain our earth for the many generations to come?

How do we sustain our earth for the many generations to come?
Shoulder Devil: Jill MahlerShoulder Angel: Jennifer M. Hartsock
Earth Day to me is one of the most humorous so called holidays we have come up with – next to National Licorice Day. Don’t get me started on Christmas. Next we are going to have a Dirt Day, I mean really.

What is clever here is that businesses make millions of dollars repackaging watered down formula and labeling it as “Natural” and “Green.” You buy it because you think you are doing your step and minimizing your “footprint,” but you’re not. Joke’s on you.

The issue on this forsaken planet isn’t what kind of bleach we wipe our tables with, or how many plastic bags we use; it’s people. Who has filled the landfills, polluted the oceans, over harvested resources?

I’ll give you a hint. They’re the blobs slowing you down for work, for your coffee to-go, and kicking your seat at the theatre.

I’ll even be “green” and let you reuse my secret and super effective method. It’s a cheap and simple way of reducing the issues with our planet. It’s a little thing I like to call Population Control.

Who do you start with?

Great question. You begin with the slow ones: anyone who has ever eaten your sandwich at work “accidentally,” your in-laws, your dentist, and, well, anyone, I suppose.

Presto, the smarter, more resourceful ones will survive, and you will have all the space and riches you can imagine.

Wow, you say? What a great idea I have, you say? Well, folks?

Isn’t Earth Day every day? I didn’t know there was a specific day of the year where people pay a little more attention to how the treat the earth.Well, my friends, we need to change this mind-track. It is forever forbidden to not treat every day like this so-called “Earth Day” holiday.

Instead of driving your car, take the bus, or ride a gosh darn bicycle. What is wrong with you?

Instead of eating out every single day, buy some local vegetables and cook some stir-fry. This not only helps your health, but it reduces industrial farming and unsafe conditions. Isn’t that interesting?

(If you can’t afford organic, locally grown food, get a job. Can’t get a job? Grow it yourself.)

Instead of envisioning a huge mansion when you grow up, consider building an ecologically sustainable house, complete with solar panels and the reusing of compost to create heat.

Joining a local team that cleans up the beach, forests, or the side of highways is also a great way to exercise your role as a human being on this planet.

No more littering, no more aerosol hairspray, no more throwing recyclables in the garbage, no more driving when you don’t need to, no more using single-use bags instead of reusable bags, and no more burning garbage!

Although we are blessed beings, and have a larger body to brain ratio, we cannot put our present needs above long-term existence.

It just doesn’t work out. At all.

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