Catching A Director

Ian Butcher | Staff Writer

So I’d like to share a little secret with you.  That “Hunger Games” movie made a lot of money.  I mean a crap ton.  And the best part (for Hollywood) is that it’s based on the first book in a trilogy. You know what that means; sequel time.  Just one problem.  It’s a little difficult to make a movie when there is no director.

As we all know “The Hunger Games” continues to make a boatload of money and naturally the studio is looking ahead to the sequel.  However when it comes to actually making the next book “Catching Fire” into a movie; they may have shot themselves in the foot.  Before the first film was released, a release date for “Catching Fire” was set for November 22, 2013.  This sounds reasonable right?  Until Jenifer Laurence’s other big franchise came knocking.
As many would remember, Jennifer Laurence played Mystique in last summer’s X-Men:First Class.  That movie is getting a sequel and starts filming this January.  That means that “Catching Fire” would have to start filming in August in order to work around her schedule.  Because of this, “Hunger Games” director Gary Ross dropped out of “Catching Fire” because he simply doesn’t have enough time to make a film he feels would be good.  However, the film is still trucking along to its release date.  Do you see anything wrong with this?  I sure do.
Just looking back at previous examples of films that through hell or high water were going to come out on their original release dates, you can see it’s given us only the best movies.  “X-Men:The Last Stand, Last Action Hero, and Alien Vs. Predator:Requiem.  Oh wait.  Here’s an idea, push the release back just six months.  That’s all I’m asking is six months.  Is the movie going to make any less money coming out summer 2014 than it would Thanksgiving 2013?
I understand that you want to strike while the iron is hot, but I really doubt that the “Hunger Games” audience would up and vanish in a mere six months.  All I’m asking for is that you remember that a big reason why so many people turned out to the first movie was because it was a good movie.  And it was based on good source material.  So please take a little more time to make this movie good and for the love of God, find a director already.  You kids need one of those to make a movie.

What do you think?