Saving Money in School

Alan Boone | Contributing Writer

It’s a struggle trying to stay afloat financially in the real world. Taking classes on top of that can make living that much more difficult. Not many students exercise the resources that we have available and there are many to choose from.

There are lots of easy ways to save money, and while you put more cash back into your pocket, the principles in doing so will help you keep saving even after you graduate.

One huge amenity is offered right here at LBCC. Did you know that when you enroll as a student, a small portion of your tuition charge goes directly to public transportation? Meaning you pay to ride the bus already, so why not use it?

This will save you hundreds of dollars on gas, insurance and maintenance costs on vehicles. Not to mention you are helping the environment. The route areas covered are Albany, the Linn-Benton Loop (which connects Albany to Corvallis), and all Corvallis routes are free to anyone! Check the City of Albany and Corvallis websites for route times and downloadable schedules, or stop by Takena Hall for more information.

You can also save a ton of money by purchasing your books online. Retrieve your books ISBN numbers at LBCC’s bookstore website. The numbers are usually available during registration times so you can order what you need in time for the following term.

Since most online book sites are structured similar to Ebay (i.e. or Abe Books) you can look at the seller’s profile to see where they are located at. Staying close to the west coast ensures faster delivery. The seller “BookByte” is based out of Salem and offers most all texts for LBCC courses, and this seller has profiles on most of the popular websites.

Amazon Student offers free two-day shipping when you sign up for a six month free trial, but make sure you cancel the trial before the six months is up to refrain from paying the $39 annual fee, which still isn’t bad. For those of you on financial aid who have to use bookstore credit, you can also rent books or buy eBooks as opposed to buying new or used texts.

There are money savings all around the home as well. We are lucky to have deposits on cans and bottles here in Oregon, so save your cans!

Buying food at a grocery store instead of eating at restaurants saves a bunch! Think about it this way. A fast food combo averages about $5 to $10. Take that $10 and go to the grocery store, get a loaf of bread, sandwich meat and cheese and have sandwiches for a week or more.

Yes it’s boring and repetitive, but you’re a college student. At the end of the term, reward yourself with a nice dinner. Are you a coffee drinker? Start brewing at home! An average bag of coffee is about $7 which yields about 40 cups. If you take creamer add another $4 for a big bottle. Let’s say a 12 ounce cup of espresso is $2.50, multiplied by 40 and that’s $100!

So you see, cutting corners here and there will help you save save save! Use that extra money to buy something nice for working so hard in college. It’s always good to reward yourself for a job well done. Makes you feel warm and fuzzy inside.

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