Life is a Cabaret at LBCC

Michael Rivera | Contributing Writer

Elise Hermes performs at the LBCC Cabaret April 5. by Michael Rivera

It was a night filled with song and celebration as the LBCC Choir showed the large audience how to have a lot of fun with song and dance.

The “2nd Annual Life is a… Cabaret” on April 5 here at LBCC’s Forum 104 building proved to be a great success for the LBCC Choral Department. With over three months of work, the student-choreographed event was held in order to raise money for the choral department activities.

After an audience packing the choir room the first year, they moved the cabaret to the Forum 104 auditorium, where there was plenty of space for the crowd and performers. Many performers played songs such as “Beauty and the Beast”, “Chasing Cars”, “Poker Face”, and “Crazy for You”.

Katherine Lee, a performer in “Life is a… Cabaret” says, “It is a student-led spotlight show in its second year. We hope to show our talent in music.”

Overall, the audience seemed impressed with the student-led program. Reactions were positive all around.

“It was very fun; I really liked the diversity,” said Sarah.

“This performance shows a great bunch of talent for Albany and LBCC,” said Patti.

“Last year, I brought the idea to James. People absolutely loved it. We hope to accomplish fundraising for our traveling. So far, we have 30 people and about $1,500 per person,” says Graham.

“They [the students] did an excellent job due to them putting in the time, effort and energy. Attendance has doubled from last year, the caliber of performances has improved and the ability to use the sound system has definitely improved our performance from last year,” says James Reddan, Director of Choral Activities here at LBCC.

The choir department plans on making “Life is a… Cabaret” an annual event as its popularity grows every year. If you are interested in becoming involved or make a donation, contact the LBCC Choral Department here at LBCC.

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