Letter to the Editor: Voter Registration

Dear Students of LBCC,

With the May 15th primaries in sight your LBCC student government is working to collect 500 voter registration cards before the April 24th registration deadline. The Student Leadership Council recognizes the importance of voting as one of our basic, unalienable rights in Oregon and the United States. Because of this, the SLC has created a 3 week campaign to register students throughout campus. We want you to be part of this campaign. All you have to do is register to vote.

This is essential for building a strong student electoral power and giving students a greater voice in the community and the state legislature to fight for funding for higher education.  To fight for issues that matter to you! Students have been traditionally underrepresented in elections, and therefore in the decisions by those elected. There is a belief by the greater society that students and young people don’t care, and therefore, don’t vote. Historically, this has been true. The SLC is trying to change that, but we need your help.

Here is what you can do. You can stop by the Student Union, located right next to the clock tower in the courtyard, and register to vote. Or, you can find us anywhere on campus, just look for students with registration cards and VOTE t-shirts. Just make sure you find a registration card, fill it out, and we’ll turn it in for you. No stamp and no trip to the post office. It’s really easy. Once you register you are sent a ballot in the mail, and then you vote.

Some elections are decided by as few as 7 votes! That’s what happened what happened to our current Oregon Secretary of State, Kate Brown. Not only do you vote nationally, but you make an impact at the state level and locally as well. Get your voice heard and have a say! Register to VOTE!

If you have any questions, please contact Eric Noll at (503) 302-0099 or stop by the Student Union.

Eric Noll, SLC Legislative Affairs Director
(503) 302-0099
[email protected]

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