Weekend Study Jam March 17 and 18

Why stay home to cram in that last piece of information that you know you won’t remember for your stack of tests next week? Join the other students who need that last-minute refresher, and maybe everyone can benefit from each other.

Studying by JSmith Photo - Jeffrey Smith. Click to view source and Creative Commons License.
Available Resources

Math Help Desk: 10am to 8pm
Computer access: 10am to 8pm
Math Angle: 12pm to 4pm
Testing: 10am to 5pm (no tests issued after 4pm)

Photo by JSmith Photo (Jeffrey Smith). Click to view source and Creative Commons License.

LBCC’s quarterly Study Jam is almost here, and all students are encouraged to “come get your study on!”

Every term on the weekend before finals, students have this great opportunity. March 17 and 18, the main LBCC campus will be opening the Learning Center (only Saturday, for the Benton Center).

The Student Leadership Council is co-sponsoring the event, along with the Learning Center, to help students wrap up the loose ends in their studies for Winter Term finals.

Aside from having many open tables available, and having a place to meet classmates, there are also specialty resources available for those who could use the additional help.

Free food and drinks will also be available, while supplies last.

For special needs or accommodations, please contact the LBCC disability coordinator in Red Cedar Hall 105 or by calling 541-917-1690 at least 72 hours in advance of the event.

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