Silent House Press Conference

Ian Butcher | Staff Writer

Silent HouseDid you know that major motion pictures are now being filmed on Canon SD camera?  This was just one of the many things revealed at this past weekends press conference for the haunted house film “Silent House”.

Directors (and spouses) Chris Kentis and Laura Lau (Open Water) gave some insight into the making of the film as well as answered questions about the trials that come with making a film.

The directors first talked about how their film is a remake of an Uruguayan film of the same name and how they were drawn to telling that story in a different way than the original.  Also they were drawn to the idea of presenting a film in one long continuous shot.  When asked if the film really was one shot, Kentis replied with, “No.  We shot for 15 days in the house.  It’s not that we couldn’t have shot the whole movie in one take.  It just would have really limited us technically. That being said we still shot really long takes of about 13-14 minutes and used shadows and darkness to hide the cuts.”

Kentis went onto explain that, “We couldn’t use editing as a tool.  We had to keep music to a minimum.  We had to improvise on the spot if something went wrong and if that didn’t work, then the take was useless, no matter how far into it we got.”

Both directors talked about how having a limited budget and only filming in one house forced them to be creative with the scares in the film.  Lau explained, “Working on a small budget fores you to really have to think about things.  We shot the film on a Cannon SD camera.  We used a very naturalist style to many of the scares, using a lot of sounds and lack there of because that is what we had available.  We think that this, combined with the long shots create a truly unique horror experience.”

Both directors went onto praise lead Elizabeth Olsen.  The directors first met her in Russia and spent two weeks rehearsing the film with her in the house so that when the time came, there would be the smallest chance for mistakes possible.

The directors teased their follow up film, a thriller set to film within the next year.  “Silent House” opens March 9th in a theater near you.

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