Mid-Valley Made

Ari Nunez | staff photographer

The Mid-Valley’s Made Event 2012 (occurred March 2 & 3) was hosted at the Two Rivers Market. Featuring 27 different vendor booths, the event benefited local entrepreneurs as it raised money for Albany’s museums. Men and women of all ages ran booths that specialized in such things as pickles, woodworking, jewelry and accessories, and home comforts. Invited by co-leaders Katie Roseboro and Alexa Carey, participating companies were honored to attend. Dyl’ Pickles owner Tanya Hansen was a first-timer when it came to trade shows, and she relished the opportunity to show off her work. “I just started this work in December because I made aprons for my friends for Christmas. They loved them, and I decided to keep making new ones.”

Due to the commercialism of our society, one often misses the simple beauty of handmade design – a common agreement between Made’s vendors. Mae Designs’ Shelby Blanton’s company was created because of the lack of uniqueness among today’s often generic stylings. To quote Made’s Facebook information panel, “the idea behind the event is to promote local businesses and made in America products to showcase the skills we have right here in the Willamette Valley.” If you missed this wonderful event, you can go to its Tumblr account to check out your local artists at MidValleyMade.Tumblr.com

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