Dear Conscience: Is there an After Life?

Is there an Afterlife?
Shoulder Devil: Jill MahlerShoulder Angel: Jennifer M. Hartsock
Life after death? Of course there is no is life after death. As comical as the concept of an after life is, it fails to compare to the drones that spend their entire lives believing in it. I say, live now.Don’t spend your seconds worrying about consequences or morals. Why waste time you will never get back. Don’t fret over taking what is yours and savoring the sweeter moments, such as driving 150 mph down the highway.

Grab life by the cojones and enjoy those opportunities as they arise. That alley you pass in fear of being tempted by the friendly guy or that nice lady on the corner; she just wants you to feel better.

Those who try to get you to turn the other cheek have never won a fight in their lives. Don’t let that person take your parking spot or hinder you with laws and fines. Trust me here; I do not gain from convincing you to enjoy your life or that you do not have a soul to fuss over. It’s not like I get something out of it.

Who ever spread the rumor I was after people’s souls to reduce them to slaves who will feed me grapes for eternity by roaring flames is ridiculous. First of all, I do not like grapes, but I digress. Life is all about what you make it. Live as if today is your last day. Don’t live in fear of making a mistake or burning in a lake of sulfur. Trust me, it’s quite nice.

Of course there is life after death! If there wasn’t, who you know to be “you” would cease to exist! What would be the point to eightysome-odd years of choices without getting rewarded for it?

Nevertheless, because there are so many beliefs – theist, atheist, agnostic, and otherwise – I’ll justoffer some general advice that will resonate with everyone.

If you’re a theist, believe in your holy book and don’t shy away from its word. If you pick and choose which passages to follow, carefully analyze why you’ve chosen which passages to ignore.

If you’re an atheist, realize that you are just as radical as a full-fledged theist. You are denying the existence of a higher power, just as a theist embraces the existence of a higher power. You both hold these ideals to be solid facts, so hold true to your faith, or lack thereof, but have an open eye to other beliefs as well.

An agnostic has researched both sides and has come to terms with their morality: “I don’t know everything.” You can do what you please without the fear of God’s wrath, yet you cannot feel comforted that everything (even bad things) happen for a higher reason. Live your life the best you can by the code of your own morals, and I’m sure you’ll reach your rightful destination after death.

No matter what you believe in, there is an ultimate truth, and we will all encounter it someday. In the meantime, do your best to make this life the best it can be – just in case it dictates your afterlife or this life is all you get.

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