Greg McCarthy’s Full Plate

Coach Greg McCarthy with his wife Carlie and daughter Skylar. by Brad Bodon

Brad Bodon | Contributing Writer

After making breakfast for Carlie, his wife, and two-year-old daughter Skylar, Greg McCarthy heads to work at LBCC. When McCarthy walks around campus, you know he means business. Standing at 6 feet four inches tall, with his athletic build, you won’t miss his long slacks or shiny dress shoes. Or you might catch McCarthy on the baseball field wearing his school-colored Phiten necklace and reflective Oakley shades. No matter the get up, McCarthy is on a mission.

McCarthy, a baseball coach and Academic Planning Assistant at Linn-Benton Community College, never has a slow day. You can find McCarthy helping students with their schedule or degree goals. With no down time, McCarthy heads straight to the ball field to coach the game he loves so much.

A former baseball player with the San Francisco Giants organization and Western Oregon/Oregon State alumni, McCarthy shares his insight with others. Helping students on their path to the perfect schedule or career is what he likes to do, helping the RoadRunner’s baseball team get better every day is what he loves to do. You can consider bettering others his niche.

“My personal goal when I am working with our athletes and with our students is very simple; I want to do everything that I can to set them up to be successful. This can come in many different ways, weather it is skill development in baseball or setting up a class schedule but the goal is always to help them be successful,” McCarthy said.

McCarthy began working at Linn Benton in 2010 when he became the assistant coach. It wasn’t until a year later that he also became an Academic Planning Assistant. Before working at LBCC, McCarthy had his share of odd end jobs. He was previously employed by Nike, Timberhill Athletic Club, and World’s Gym. He has coached at Feather River College, Chemeketa CC, and Crescent Valley High before finding the right fit.

“Hopefully I will be a Head Coach some day and continue to help students be successful in their academic journey,” said McCarthy.

Believe it or not, McCarthy doesn’t live at the school. Every night he returns home to his young daughter Skylar and wife Carlie. He is a loving husband and proud father that enjoys the time he spends with his family.

“I think Greg works hard and is good at everything he does. If he is in your life, he will make you a better person,” said Carlie McCarthy

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