Chester Love’s Guide to Romance Valentine Wrap-up

I’m back, with a wrap-up of my Valentine adventure.

The day began searching for an easy target, of course my first stop was outside of Lux’s house, where I set-up a kissing booth. This ended in failure as Lux still insists to deny her true feelings for me. That hot tempered fox will come around sooner of later.

Moving my search to the local bar proved a little more successful. The bar was thick with desperation. I scanned the bar of some lovely ladies and then I spotted her. She was an adorable little fox, it felt like I was drifting atop a cloud of love.

My first move was to purchase her a fruity drink, just to loosen her inhibitions. Then I moved in and slapped down the line “If I was in charge of the alphabet, ‘I’ would be in ‘U’.”

She didn’t seem very amused, but the deal wasn’t broken yet. I continued to press forward to win her heart. The cute fox was starting to dodge my advances, a new tactic was in order.

I asked her back to my place, but sadly she just couldn’t realize the love she obviously had for me. Perhaps she knew that I was too hot for her to handle.

The management was getting restless, it was a sign for me to take my leave. I reached out, gave a squeeze. Before I could turn and run, the bouncer had me in a headlock. Although he was very expressive with his feelings, they were not the kind of feelings I was looking for.

As I dragged myself home, trying not to bleed-out, I found myself reflecting. Perhaps the reason I am alone on this Valentine’s Day is simply because I am too sexy. I, Chester Love, just have too much love for one single woman. So in time, I will either find someone equally as great as myself, or several attractive ladies will learn to share my love.

Another night I will just cuddle with the one lady who can handle me, my wonderful sock monkey. She will always believe in me, and keep me company on these cold nights.

Also, read Jennifer M. Hartsock‘s book, Battleground. It is filled with fantastic wonders of love and redemption.

What do you think?