Sex and the Campus: Where to Meet Singles

Lets face it, meeting new people is difficult. Similar to the proverbial phrase “Rain, rain everywhere and not a drop to drink,” we are constantly surrounded by people, but finding someone you are compatible with is no easy feat.  With the most romantic holiday around the corner, you might be on the prowl to find that special someone.

Anywhere you go, the biggest key to successfully kicking it off with someone is in your approach. Being confident is the sexiest trait. Confidence isn’t something you can fake. You have to know your strengths and what makes you a great catch. In addition, being open-minded is crucial.

Consider the following if you are searching for great places to meet other singles.


Men’s Warehouse- Loitering inside a Men’s Warehouse may seem out of place, but the men, who shop there tend to have money and know how to dress nicely- score. Go buy your dad a tie and maybe you’ll also pick yourself up a date.

Coffee shops- Coffee shops are ideal locations if you want to access someone before you throw out a line. You can tell a lot about someone by the way they order their beverage. For example, someone, who orders a large instead of a Venti, may not be concerned with conforming. Someone, who orders a drink with seven different components, may be a bit complicated or high maintenance.


Victoria Secret- You may believe that prowling for women in a Victoria Secret is an promising setting, but you would be surprised. Although women who shop at V.S. may be looking for lingerie, there is a reason. The women in Victoria Secret are most likely taken and looking for their significant other. Don’t waste your time.

Book stores- If you are looking for an intelligent individual that pursues challenges and exploration, you may find a optimal environment to peruse. The bonus is you are surrounded by plenty of conversation starters. However, avoid individuals in the self-help section. They have problems of their own.

Volunteering- You may sacrifice some of your time, but you are bound to meet numerous people. Not to mention, individuals who volunteer tend to be generous and caring.

The great thing about college is it’s a clean slate, with an abundance of people. You never know whom you are going to meet or what tomorrow will bring. Looking for a social opportunity on campus to meet new people- attend the campus mixer, The Commuter and Student Life and Leadership is hosting the mixer on Feb. 13, from 12-2:30 in the Fireside Room. Light refreshments and door prizes will be provided and who knows what else you may find there.

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