“Dragon Age: Redemption” – It’s a brand new Day!

The goddess of geekdom has done it again! “Dragon Age: Redemption” is another solid web series created by and starring Felicia Day. This time by the grace of Bioware.

Welcome to the world of Thedas. Think classic fantasy with a darker edge. Our story follows the elven assassin Tallis (Day) as she tracks down a villainous qunari mage, Saarebus (Doug Jones).

Day has done justice to the mature ambiance of Dragon Age. Wasting no time, the series opens with scenes of torture and battle. Despite Day’s reputation of being adorably kind and awkward, even Tallis shows a real penchant for brutality.

While action is one token of Dragon Age, another is the inclusion of themes involving racism, religious tensions, and morals conflicting with duty, all of which “Redemption” regularly plays into.

What is Dragon Age
Game developer Bioware created the setting of Dragon Age for the cross-platform video game “Dragon Age: Origins” in 2009. Because of its popularity, the game has spawned a sequel and has spread into a other mediums as well: comic books, novels, a table-top role-playing game, and now the web series “Dragon Age: Redemption.”.

Fans will also notice plenty of Thedas lore woven into the series. The religions of Andraste and the Qun play heavy roles alongside familiar history and powerful artifacts. Even the fight choreography, which is impressive, incorporates attacks and abilities accurate to the games.

For those of you new to Dragon Age, they were looking out for you too. Each episode begins with a seamless introduction explaining what you need to know to follow the story. These are quick and written well.

Overall, the script shines brightest. Dialogue is witty, and the pace is fast. At ten minutes an episode, there’s only a short time to win over the audience and move the story along. They managed this without making it feel rushed or shallow.

You can tell a lot of care went into the whole production. “Redemption” is probably higher quality than “Hercules” from the ‘90s, but it’s around that level. I mean this by way of acting, as well as apparent production values. The blades look great, the costumes are perfectly adequate, and spell effects are pretty enough without being too distracting.

Rating: Unrated
Length: 8-10 min
Stars: Felicia Day
Doug Jones
Adam Rayner
Where:Machinima’s channel on Youtube
When:every Monday

Do not go into this expecting “Game of Thrones.” This is still an indie-style web series after all.

“Redemption” is a must-see series for fans of either Dragon Age or Felicia Day. I also encourage newcomers to give it a whirl, as some of you will certainly be made fans. Across the board, it’s one of the best web series out there, so try it out.

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