Kidco Head Start: Impacting Our Families for Free

Frank C. Warren, Advertising Manager

One thing that I really love about Linn-Benton Community College is that this is a community college. Community…. that’s what makes this college so great.

One thing that is prevalent in a community is a feeling of togetherness and helpfulness toward one another. It’s about trying to help someone out and seeing them strive for their best, it’s about trying to come together for a common goal of excellency for the betterment of the team.

LBCC has partnered with Kidco Head Start for such a purpose as to help student parents and parents in the community to have a springboard and outlet for their families.

Head Start has been around for over 30 years in this area of the United States but their national beginning was birthed in 1965. The program is mostly funded by Federal funding and some State funding to help get parents and their children a ‘head start” in their community. For six hours a day children 5 and under are given help for emotional, mental, social and physical vitality to help them get a taste of schooling and learn lessons that will help them become better citizens for the future.

According to the National Head Start Assocaition (NHSA), kids that attend Head Start are more likely to graduate high school, more likely to contribute to federal, state and local economies and on average will make more than $9000 a month than high school dropouts.

One thing that’s really cool about this program is that it isn’t all about children, it’s about the family … it’s about the community. Head Start offers programs to help parents as well, based upon the need, something as small as getting a ride to the doctors and as large as helping a homeless parent get back on their feet and help with transportation.

So who can get involved in this program?

“There is a point system that we go by based on certain criteria,” Christie Mattingly of Kidco Head Start said. “Income level, disability, single parent or being an LBCC student. LBCC students have a very high chance of meeting the criteria.”

To see if you qualify stop by the Periwinklie Child Development Center building to get an application.

What do you think?