Scream “I’m Alive!”

Because of consciousness, we are aware of the tragedies in life. Sometimes we may wish we weren’t so in-tuned to our surroundings, or inner-thoughts, needs, and so-forth. We just need a break from thinking. There are those of us who shelter our brilliant minds with cloaks of ignorance, substance abuse, or simple-life dealings. Sometimes, we sleep through the entire day to cease from existing for just a little bit.

Let me tell you: this is a waste of your potential. Not all of us have the ability to change the world on a grand scale, but every single person has the freedom to change their mindset. Yes, consciousness is a painful experience at times, but it can also bloom beauty and integrity and love and compassion.

Change the world for yourself by changing it for others. Turn off the soap-operas, tear apart the gossip-infested magazines, and quit caring about material bullshit and how much money you can make at your job. Go outside and breathe the air, and do something to improve someone’s life. Play music downtown, give time and money to charities, contemplate life and strive to understand science, biology, sociology, and religion. Get a grasp on culture, sub-cultures, genres, and personalities.

Love the world, but don’t let it remain stagnant. Do something worth your consciousness. Do something worth your awareness of existence.

Sweep the streets with music, poetry, and laughing.

Swim in the river. Feel grass between your toes.

Help those who can’t do these things based on limited living conditions or geography.

Make their lives better. Enhance your own.

Get a grip on what’s real, and don’t let go.


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