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Back in the Day: June 4

This day in history …

June 4, 1928: Those who live by the sword …
Warlord Zhang Zuolin, military dictator of Manchuria, is assassinated with a bomb placed by agents of the Japanese army. Zuolin, rabidly anti-Communist, had been a favorite of Japan and a recipient of their aid until he lost a military campaign to the Kuomintang (Nationalist) army under Gen. Chiang kai-Shek and then caused Manchuria’s economy to collapse due to his overbearing military expenditures. At this point, he was decided to be more of a liability than an asset.

Adam LaMascus

Adam LaMascus was born and raised just north of Los Angeles, and attended St. Francis High School, graduating in 2007. He's been living in Corvallis for a little over two years now. He's a history major with plans to transfer to OSU. In his free time, Adam enjoys playing video/board/roleplaying games, reading, watching movies, archery, writing fiction, and fighting with swords while dressed in armor. You can find Adam on his Facebook page.

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Back in the Day: June 4

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