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Back in the Day: May 11

This day in history …

May 11, 330: Old Istanbul was once Constantinople
The formerly small port town of Byzantium is officially renamed Nova Roma (New Rome) by Emperor Constantine. However, it is known to everybody as Constantinople. Constantine had moved the capitol of the Roman Empire to Byzantium in 324. After the fall of the Western Roman Empire, the Eastern Roman Empire becomes known as the Byzantine Empire.

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Adam LaMascus was born and raised just north of Los Angeles, and attended St. Francis High School, graduating in 2007. He's been living in Corvallis for a little over two years now. He's a history major with plans to transfer to OSU. In his free time, Adam enjoys playing video/board/roleplaying games, reading, watching movies, archery, writing fiction, and fighting with swords while dressed in armor. You can find Adam on his Facebook page.

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Back in the Day: May 11

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