redbox: Dinner for Schmucks

Carli Gibson, Staff Writer

Stuffing dead mice and decorating them to look similar to human beings has never been my cup of tea. However, for Barry (Steve Carell), one of the main characters in “Dinner for Schmucks,” it’s a hobby.

When first starting this movie, I’ll admit I was a bit over-excited because the movie previews made it look hilarious; needless to say, I was disappointed.

It’s not that it wasn’t a “good movie,” it just wasn’t very funny. It was more of a movie that pulled on my heart strings. I found myself always feeling bad for one character or the other.

Even (which I have found to be an excellent movie review site) didn’t give it very high reviews. It got a 43 percent rating from the site, and only 50 percent of this site’s audience liked it.

After the movie opens, we’re brought to one of the main characters, Tim, played by Paul Rudd. Tim runs into Barry (in a more literal term than you may think), and thus a friendship of some sort is born.

Of course the friendship is only born because Tim, determined to get a promotion at work, needs an idiot to take to his boss’ dinner for schmucks, hence the title. Each guest invited to the dinner has to bring the weirdest person they know with them.

Unfortunately, Tim doesn’t know what he gets himself into by inviting Barry to the dinner. It’s one of those predictable “anything that can go wrong, does go wrong” types of films.

Throughout the movie, I found myself smirking here and there and feeling bad for Tim for all the mayhem Barry causes. Once I got to know Barry’s character, I felt even worse for him – he’s lived a sad life.

When it’s finally time for the dinner, Barry finds himself mingling and fitting in with everyone perfectly, even with the woman who talks to her lobster dinner, and the man who brought his puppet wife (Jeff Dunham). Then his enemy shows up – Therman (Zach Galifianakis). Therman is Barry’s co-worker and has always found a way of getting under his skin and making Barry feel even more miserable.

Although Carell has been hilarious and entertaining in other movies and he gave a good performance, this definitely wasn’t his best movie. I would give it two stars out of five.

What do you think?