Dear Conscience – Long Distance Relationship

Should I be comfortable with my girlfriend studying abroad for four months?
Shoulder Devil: Ashley ChristieShoulder Angel: Justin Bolger
You can’t ask her to stay … you have to tell her.

Demand that she give up this once in a lifetime opportunity, for you. In fact, forbid her from leaving. There is nothing a women loves more than being told what she can and can’t do by her significant other.

She wants to have life experiences? That’s great. Why can’t she have them with you?

Shouldn’t she want to stay with you? If you two had any sort of connection she wouldn’t be skipping of to another country the first chance she got. Doesn’t she love you at all?

I can’t believe you’re actually considering this. You’re going to let her go to some super far away and exotic country like Canada or something? Without you?! You know what’s going to happen don’t you?

She’s going to meet some big, rugged lumberjack or Mountie or whatever who plays hockey and has other manly hobbies and speaks Canadian. She’s going to fall madly in love with him because he’s all foreign and mysterious.

I know she promises that you’ll talk everyday and she’ll never forget you and you’re the only one for her and blah, blah blah but she can’t know that. It’s not like she’s psychic.

Going to another country is like going to Vegas, all bets are off. What happens there, stays there.

She may resent you for holding her back but that’s better than the paranoia you’ll endure while she’s away. And let’s be honest, you’re feelings are much more important than hers, aren’t they?

What is life but experience? What is left when you take experience away?

People should be allowed to spread their wings and soar, especially by those who love them most. I’m sure the mere thought of adventure sets her heart a-flutterin’! You don’t want to take that away from her, do you?

When there’s an adventure you have your heart set on, she will be just as understanding!

What she needs is encouragement and trust on your part. There is a certain measure of destiny in travel. With that comes some degree of fear. Help her by giving her faith in your love for each other and hope for a wonderful welcome home!

I do understand how difficult it is to be apart from one’s soulmate, however. Just keep in mind that while it can be painful at times, it will also be a bonding experience and so worth it when all is said and done.

Keep in touch with letters, emails, and even Skype if you can! It’s all very romantic actually. It’s just incredible that two people can have a face-to-face conversation from opposite ends of the planet! Use this power well, friend.

I’ll speak on trust one more time (as some things bear worth enough to be twice mentioned). Without trust, there is nothing but a burning time limit on your relationship. With trust, be confident that you two lovebirds are certainly going to last.

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