Students Sound Off on LBCC Bond Measure

Many LBCC students say they intend to vote this November. Among those who won’t, however, many may not be aware that the college has a measure on the ballot that could affect their future.

Microsoft Office is now free at LBCC.

All LBCC students are eligible to get Microsoft Office free, and the computer system will verify it through your school email address.




3 Must-Play Scary Games for Halloween

As October sets in, the Halloween atmosphere slowly seeps into every part of our lives. The nights get darker, the air gets heavier, and everything gets just a little bit spookier. Not even our video games are safe.

Game Review: Risk of Rain

In "Risk of Rain" you play as a passenger on a space transport ship. After the ship is attacked, it crash-lands on a mysterious, hostile planet with you as the lone survivor.

Word MOB 2014

Crash! Bang! Boom! The poet known only as Crash, LBCC’s student poet laureate, made some noise last Friday night during the Word MOB at the Benton Center.



Privatization of Prisons: Where We Went Wrong

For the last several weeks The Commuter has covered the story of Carolina Faria Autran De Morais and her frightful 28 day stay at the Houston processing center. During the interview process, her story raised concerns surrounding a privately run company making money on the amount of beds it has full each month.

Husain Abdullah penalized by NFL for praying

Not too many people in this world can say they intercepted a pass from New England Patriot and future Hall of Fame quarterback Tom Brady. However, Kansas City Chiefs safety Husain Abdullah can.
Towns Capture

Dangers of Early Access

We have probably all had that feeling. We hear about a game and just can't wait for it to come out!

Student Spotlight