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Marijuana: More than Recreational

“It’s the only thing I can use for pain management,” she said. “Percocet makes me deathly ill. Codeine makes me deathly ill. I really had no alternative, and overall it was more effective.”

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The Great Coffee Shortage

A coffee shortage caused by drought, rising temperatures, and low prices threatens consumers across the globe. Will mornings ever be the same?!

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Advice from Weiss: UCC

“I am feeling weird. I heard about the shootings down at Umpqua CC, and I am upset about it, but I’m not. I think I should be more upset than I am. Do you know what I mean? Am I weird for not thinking about it more?”

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Community Colleges Unite

“We all have colleagues and friends in the [Umpqua] community… we are ready and prepared to assist in any way they need.” – Bruce Clemetsen, Vice President of Student Affairs.